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Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko | Fonderia 20.9

25 Novembre @ 17:30



Saturday 25.11.23
h. 5.30 pm Guided Tour
h. 6.30 pm Opening

For two years Tami Izko and Federico Clavarino have been walking down a street called Via Spaventa (Scary Street) to get from their home to their studio. Via Spaventa is only one block long, and is flanked on one side by industrial buildings, and on the other by 1910 social housing. People leave broken furniture and random things there to be picked up by others or be blown away by the wind. It’s an uninviting street, but it’s the fastest way to their studio. One morning Tami and Federico took a cardboard box they found there and filled it with plaster. They made molds from it and, inspired by the pictures Federico had taken of the street, Tami started working on a series of pieces that reminded them of the buildings of Via Spaventa. By using porcelain to reinterpret and reshape a place deeply embedded in their routine, Tami made a series of sculptures that she then glazed according to the shapes and colours that can be found on the graffiti on the street’s walls. Federico used his camera for a similar process. The resulting body of work is made up of twenty pictures and six sculptures.

Fonderia 20.9
Via XX Settembre 67, Verona
Exhibition on view until 23.12.23
for visiting write to:

graphics by Alice Benza


Fonderia 20.9
via XX settembre 67, 37129 Verona + Google Maps